The Expedition

We are heading to the Patagonian Andes where we intent to climb some of the hardest mountains in the world. Those mountains may not be the highest (around 3000m) but they are considered to have one of the most technical and difficult summits with severe weather conditions and are a true challenge even for the most experienced athletes. Most of those summits (including the jewel in the Patagonian crown – Cerro Torre) have not seen a Bulgarian ascent and if we succeed in achieving our goals the expedition will turn into a milestone in the Bulgarian alpinism.

Карта на експедицията

The photography project

We will create a documentary film about the expedition which will be shown on a special movie screening and featured on the film festivals such as Bansko Film Fest, Challenge Days 2016 and Xco Film Fest. Responsible for filming and creating the documentary will be Ruslan Vakrilov, a photographer and filmmaker and a member of the expedition along with all the other members, who are trained in operating with cameras. We will try to find the fine balance for both achieving our climbing goals and creating stunning footage for the film. Along with shooting for the documentary we will be taking quality still images, capturing the beauty of the Patagonian Andes and the climbing process. We are planning to make an exhibition with large format prints.

Beginning: December 2016

Place: February 2016

Място:South America,

Patagonian Andes – Cerro Torre massif, Fitz Roy Massif and Torres Del Paine

Team: Martin Marovski, Grigor Vatev, Viktor Voroshkin and Ruslan Vakrilov

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